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Tanglewood: A World-Class Outdoor Performing Arts Venue! The famous performing arts venue of Tanglewood is nestled away in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts and sets high standards for musical festivals, especially in the warmer months. Home to the famous Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the site of one of the world’s best-known music festivals, Tanglewood hosts the Festival of Contemporary Music, along with many other events including concerts of various genres from jazz to pop and frequent visits from James Taylor, John Williams, and the Boston Pops.

The beautiful rolling hills and scenery around Tanglewood add to the location’s magic. The surrounding area also hosts over 100 other cultural attractions, outdoor recreation, and delicious local food. Artists and performers can find their inspiration from the nearby lake and natural beauty of the surrounding green hills. Visitors can come to the town of Lenox MA to enjoy the sights and sounds of this amazing place.

Tanglewood’s amazing acoustics have been shaped by the nearby elements of nature and further refined by modern technology. The amazing sound combined with the list of famous performing artists have made the place a popular destination for music lovers, so plan on arriving early to beat the traffic arriving for each performance. The lawn is a popular place for people who did not plan well ahead to secure the indoor seating, and the shaded areas closer to the stage will fill up soonest. Many legendary musicians have played Tanglewood including maestros like Leonard Bernstein and John Williams, violinists like Yo-Yo Ma and singers like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. It has even been the site for historical premieres such as the debut performance of Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story.", later made into two big movies.

Every performance at Tanglewood is an experience for people of all ages and has become a cherished memory for many attendees. Every year, the summer season is welcomed by families who enjoy relaxing together on the lawn and couples anticipating a romantic evening away from the city. If you are a music lover then Tanglewood should be on your bucket list of places to visit in the summer season. Grab your lawn chairs, pack along some food and drinks, and head to the country for a delightful evening away. Go to our Events page to find out what’s happening! Upcoming Events.

What makes Tanglewood an unforgettable destination?

World-Class Performances

From the melodic symphonies of the Boston Symphony Orchestra to the enchanting rhythms of various celebrated artists, Tanglewood guarantees a rich and diverse repertoire of performances.

Nature's Elegance

Set against the verdant backdrop of the Berkshire Hills, Tanglewood embodies a harmonious blend of nature and music, making every visit an aesthetic retreat amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Exceptional Acoustics

Tanglewood's symphony of nature and engineered acoustics delivers an unparalleled auditory experience. Each performance is amplified into an immersive spectacle that resonates with every audience member.

Educational Programs

Tanglewood serves as an educational nexus for classical music. With an array of engaging workshops and programs, it offers visitors a golden opportunity to explore and delve into the magnificent world of classical music.

Souvenir Shopping

The Tanglewood Shop provides a plethora of memorabilia and gifts, capturing the spirit of this iconic venue and allowing visitors to take home a tangible piece of their experience. Tanglewood is more than just a venue; it is a harmonious blend of music, nature, and history, all eaving together to create an unforgettable performing arts experience.

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