Dispatch & The Boston Pops at Tanglewood

Dispatch & The Boston Pops Tickets

Tanglewood | Lenox, Massachusetts

Dispatch & The Boston Pops

Prepare for an alluring style of roots rock craze as the acoustic folk-rock band Dispatch partners with The Boston Pops for a mystical summer tour on Saturday, August 31, at Tanglewood, Lenox, Massachusetts. Coming from different genres, Dispatch and The Boston Pops will share the same stage to treat you to folk music with classical sounds that will excite you from the start. Known for their versatility in music, Dispatch composed of Chad Urmston and Brad Corrigan will electrify the crowd to its core as they showcase their acoustic-based performances with their songs “The General,” “Bang Bang,” and “Two Coins” LIVE! With the accompaniment of The Boston Pops led by Keith Lockhart as conductor, it's gonna be a heck of a ride for music fans as they blast you with genre-bending sounds that you will only witness for this one-time show. Don't miss this chance of musical exploration as Dispatch and The Boston Pops deliver the indie-folk music celebration that will give you enjoyment like no other. Grab your tickets now!

A jam-centric musical set will be arriving in Massachusetts as the renowned band Dispatch joins the famous orchestra The Boston Pops for an electric Summer Tour on Saturday, August 31, at Tanglewood, Lenox. This collaboration will spark a mind-bending musical concert as the funky tunes of Dispatch will be complemented by the classical approach of The Boston Pops just to give you the best concert experience of your life.

This upcoming summer will be ten times sweeter as Dispatch, and Boston Pops collaborate for this special Summer stage like no other. Roots rock sounds accompanied by a classical orchestra will shake your minds as they put up a show that everyone will like. Performing on the same stage, no wonder this event will be the talk of the town as they complement each other's sounds for classic but contemporary vibes all night.

The roots and rock-based band Dispatch ruled the 90s music scene with their genre-fusing elements, including blues, pop, reggae, and funk. The band, composed of Chad Urmston and Brad Corrigan, will set their foot on the gas as they hit the live stages with their signature sounds, featuring songs like “The General,” “Bang Bang,” Two Coins, and More for You to vibe on.

Accompanying the band is the orchestra, The Boston Pops, which will add different feelings to the grand performances of Dispatch. Specialized in light classical and often popular music, the Boston-based orchestra led by conductor Keith Lockhart will be performing alongside the Dispatch to put up elegant vibes with the captivating sounds of the orchestra for you to enjoy.

The infamous Tanglewood will be the location for the classical music rendition of the songs of Dispatch with The Boston Pops. Home of the best classical music events in the city, the event grounds and top-notch sounds and lighting systems are perfect for this night of pure music greatness you are about to witness. Free your schedules, and make sure to attend this once-in-a-lifetime show, Dispatch and The Boston Pops, which gives the best concert experience that will feed your musical heart and soul. Grab your tickets now!

Dispatch & The Boston Pops at Tanglewood

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