The parking spaces at Tanglewood, especially free ones, can get filled up quickly during event days. Because of this, we recommend reaching the venue early to avoid traffic and secure a parking space. If you plan to take advantage of the free parking then we recommend bringing your own chairs or blankets for the lawn. Purchasing your pass in advance can help streamline the arrival process if you opt for VIP paid parking.

Free Parking

Tanglewood offers good parking options which include complimentary parking around the Tanglewood campus. This great benefit allows concert-goers to enjoy the event without worrying about additional charges.

Paid parking

In addition to free parking Tanglewood also provides paid parking services as an added benefit if you so chose it. This can give you a better parking location and faster and easier ingress and exit options.

Shuttle service

Tanglewood offers a convenient shuttle service to ease the burden of walking from the farther-off parking spots. This service runs from the Tanglewood Visitor Center to the concert grounds and ensures hassle-free transit for everyone.

Accessible Handicapped Parking

Tanglewood has limited disabled parking, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please let your need for access parking be known to a traffic warden or parking attendant when you arrive. Those with a valid government-issued parking permit are asked to clearly display it, and proceed to park at the designated disabled parking areas within the Tanglewood grounds.

If all access parking spaces are filled, those with disabled parking needs will be directed to general parking lots at the location closest and most accessible to the grounds at the time of arrival. Those with disabled access needs are asked to try and arrive early for the best possible parking accommodation.

Alternate parking options near Tanglewood

Private parking lots near Tanglewood can be a good alternative if you want an even more convenient experience. Privately-owned parking spaces normally require a fee, but they also provide closer access to the venue than the free Tanglewood-owned lots. It’s always a good practice to check the rates and availability with the parking lot operator ahead of time.