Tanglewood Seating Chart

Seating options at Tanglewood

Lawn seating

tanglewood lawn seating
For those seeking a relaxed and informal concert experience, lawn seating is the perfect choice. It is the most affordable seating option at Tanglewood, allowing concert-goers to set up their spot on the sprawling lawn in front of the stage. As these seats are unreserved, early arrival is recommended to secure an ideal spot.

Reserved seating

tanglewood reserved seating

For a more structured concert experience, opt for the reserved seating area. These seats are assigned in the stands behind the lawn, assuring your exact location. Reserved seating varies in price depending on the proximity to the stage, allowing you to choose seats according to your preference and budget.

Box seating

tanglewood box seating
For an unparalleled concert experience, box seating at Tanglewood is the premium option. Encircling the stage, box seats provide the best views and come with additional amenities such as food and beverage service, justifying their higher price tag.

Bench Seats

tanglewood bench seating

Side Benches:

Located to the sides of the Middle Orchestra sections, they offer 23 lettered rows of park-style bench seating, with Row A at the front and Row W at the back.
These seats provide a less expensive option to get closer to the stage, but support beams on the sides of the Orchestra sections may obstruct the view.

Seat cushions can be rented from Tanglewood for added comfort at a small fee.

Rear Benches:

Found at the back of the reserved seating area, these seats are just under the roof and may be exposed to rain, potentially causing fans to get wet during a show.

Be aware that support beams could possibly impact some views from the rear bench seats at the back of the rear orchestra.

The seats in this area are good for cost-conscious guests who prefer to avoid a spot in the exposed general-admission Lawn area.

Choosing the best seats at Tanglewood

When selecting the best seats at Tanglewood, your decision will depend on the event you are attending, your budget, and personal preferences.

Generally, the central area of the lawn or the reserved seating sections offer a balanced view of the stage. A central reserved seat is ideal for an unobstructed view and the most comfortable seating experience.

Here are a few more considerations when choosing your seats:

Type of event

The kind of performance can influence your choice. For instance, a reserved seat may enhance your experience for a classical music concert due to the acoustic advantages. On the other hand, a jazz or pop concert might be best enjoyed from the casual comfort of the lawn.


Tanglewood offers a range of seating options to cater to various budgets. While reserved, box seating offers a more premium experience; lawn seating provides a cost-effective way to enjoy the concerts.

Personal preference

Your seat choice depends on whether you prefer to be closer to the stage or further away to enjoy the ambiance. The good news is that Tanglewood caters to all such preferences. Whether you enjoy the crowd’s buzz or prefer a quiet corner, there is a spot for everyone at Tanglewood.