Boston Symphony Orchestra: Ryan Bancroft & Bruce Liu – Chopin & Elgar at Tanglewood

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Tanglewood | Lenox, Massachusetts

Boston Symphony Orchestra

This summer, the Boston Symphony Orchestra brings forth timeless masterpieces performed by illustrious figures in the classical circuit! Feast your ears on this one because it's guaranteed to be a thrilling musical trip! The ensemble will be showcasing the time-transcending work of Chopin and Elgar to accomplish this unique extravaganza; they bring in guest conductor, the esteemed Ryan Brancoft, and world-class pianist Bruce Liu! This spectacle is slated to conquer the Tanglewood at the Koussevitzky Music Shed! The show on Friday, 23rd August 2024, will surely liven all your five senses with magical melodies and groundbreaking repertoire. This unique occasion is presented by one of the state's most oldest ensembles and it has been their mission since the beginning to make fantastic classical music accessible to all types of audiences! Now, it's your chance to partake in the trailblazing tunes that laid the foundations for what music is today! So hurry and score your access now!

Enjoy the magic and artistry of classical masterpieces as the state’s most acclaimed ensemble, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, presents their trailblazing summer spectacles! This season, the orchestra is slated to deliver world-class performances in the famous outdoor concert destination, the Tanglewood. On Friday, 23rd August 2024, music lovers can look forward to an enchanting showcase that transcends time and language barriers! The power of brilliant music created by prodigies of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This summer, the Boston Symphony Orchestra will be led by the esteemed conductor Ryan Bancroft, who has done exemplary work with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Scottish Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. For this special showcase, Bancroft will be sharing his extraordinary talents to present the time-honored masterpieces of Frederic Chopin and Edward Elgar. Aside from Bancroft’s guest performance, the show will also feature the illustrious pianist Bruce Liu. Canadian musician Bruce Liu specializes in compositions by Frederic Chopin. In 2021, he won the XVIII International Chopin Piano Competition. In addition, he performed the masterpieces with the National Philharmonic in Warsaw on Chopin’s birthday.

For the first set at the Tanglewood, audiences can anticipate a fantastic showdown of Frederic Chopin’s Piano Concert No. 1 E Minor, op. 11. This is the very piece that Bruce Lui recorded and released in 2022, released via the Frydryck Chopin Institute. This exhilarating performance will be followed by Edward Elgar’s Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 36 Enigma. These breathtaking performances are guaranteed to bring audiences on an out-of-this-world journey. These pieces have been beloved for centuries and will now conquer the Tanglewood courtesy of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is a trailblazing ensemble led by music director Andris Nelson. They’re recorded to be one of Boston’s oldest orchestras. In 1881, the orchestra delivered their first-ever concert. Fast Forward to 2024, BSO has a listenership that reaches millions. Every year, BSO holds countless brilliant performances in Tanglewood and other premier venues in Boston.

If you want to experience this fantastic showcase featuring masterpieces by Chopin and Elgar, you better hurry and secure your access now through the Get Ticket link!

Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood

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