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Tanglewood | Lenox, Massachusetts

Your favorite comedy-gold hour-long quiz program is coming off of radio airwaves and onto the live stage as Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me launches its very own stand-up comedy tour! The NPR radio program is setting foot across ten cities in the US with a special stop at Tanglewood on Thursday, 22nd of June 2023. As Peter Sagal leads the panel of comedians, celebrity guests, writers, audience contestants, and other exciting guests, you can grab the chance to win a custom-recorded greeting from any of the cast members! Make sure to save your seats at the comedy-gold Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me live show by booking your tickets now!

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me at Tanglewood

Hold your horses as your favorite comedy-gold quiz program, Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me, is coming off of radio airwaves and heading to the live stage on a 10-city US tour! As the nation's #1 entertaining and informative weekly quiz show by NPR, Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me is bringing Peter Sagal to host a group of panelists, covering current events in the most entertaining way possible.

With its first run last 2022, the NPR-produced program is coming back for another tour, The Wait Wait Stand-Up Tour. The show will bring some of the most insightful and hilarious panelists in the country. As the show comes to the live stage, NPR promises an experience like no other as fans enjoy an evening full of unfiltered stand-up comedy at The Wait Wait Stand-Up Tour.

After the run of its pilot shows last June 2022, "We love doing this," shared Alonzo Bodden. "It's not your typical Saturday morning comedy. These are the funniest Wait Wait panelists, uncensored."

As the show takes the nation's wittiest, smartest, and hilarious pannelists to the live stage, stripped off FCC regulations, The Wait Wait Stand-Up Tour is set to share infectious laughter, new knowledge, and put everyone's brains to the test as the acclaimed NPR news-quiz show goes live.

"The stand-up tour has the smarts and surprise of Wait Wait, but it's a little more raw, with more laugh-out-loud moments," shared Dough Berman. "There's just not enough time during an hour of Wait Wait to really get to know the panelists. They're some of the smartest and funniest people on the planet, and this is a chance to spend an evening laughing with them."

As Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me approaches is 25th year of weekly news quizzes and laughter, the live show is offering brave contestants a chance to win a custom-recorded greeting by any of the cast members for their voicemails.

Make sure to tune in loud and clear at Tanglewood by booking your tickets now!

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me at Tanglewood

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