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Tanglewood | Lenox, Massachusetts

Are you in the city of Lenox and looking to see some sensational classical music? Then get ready for an incredible night of truly the finest entertainment this Thursday 15th July 2021 because Tanglewood Learning Institute is returning to Lenox, Massachusetts for a limited-time, putting on some breathtaking classical musical at the world famous Tanglewood Music Center. Right now is your best opportunity to hear some truly timeless classic music that has been mesmerizing fans for years, and will continue to do so for years to come. The instant the conductor takes the stage, you will be transported to another time. So don’t miss out and secure your seats to see Tanglewood Learning Institute live, today!

Tanglewood Learning Institute at Tanglewood Music Center

This July Tanglewood Music Center will turn Lenox, Massachusetts into the supreme destination for classical-minded locals and travelers alike. The iconic concert hall is hosting some of the greatest names in the business and will quickly become the must-stop destination for any passionate classical fan. An authentic yet soothing interior, sizeable seating, crisp acoustics crafted in meticulous details to enjoy the noteworthy musicians from each corner of the room. All this cut the ultimate figure of a classical venue. You might be also glad to know you can enjoy pre-drinks or meals at the finest bars and restaurants in town, all located within a hand-reach from the front doors. Take the step and treat yourself with an unforgettable dive into art.

Tanglewood Learning Institute at Tanglewood Music Center

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